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How to make Lux and Love work in your boutique

Owning a bridal shop drives a fine line between pretty and profit. It is easy to get caught up in designer styles and justify the 2x markup and high cost. Lux and Love is the best tool for your bottom line. We are where pretty meets profit. Taking on a private label means you have to rely on yourself to create your own brand.

Let's make profit your number one focus as a business owner. This is your chance to grab your bride’s attention. You are the bridal expert!

Easy steps to making private label work in your store.

Tip #1 - How do I explain private label to my clients?

"We work with a private design house to create our own in store collection. It is so much fun to hand pick our gowns that we know our brides will love!". Slip into the conversation a little bit into the appointment "We love that our gowns are exclusive and there isn't a store in our area that carries them.".

Tip #2 - Why is Lux and Love the best manufacturer to work with?

We make a beautiful gown, keep track of trending styles all at an amazing price point. We are here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial to being successful with private labeling.

Tip #3 - How do you place Lux and Love in your store for success?

Start with displaying your new brand front and center in your store and social media. Create a presence on your website dedicated to your collection. Brand your gowns with custom hang tags (let us know if you need design help) and show it off!

Tip #4 - How to overcome the picture hurdle?

Hire a local photographer and model to do a photo shoot. Work with a florist or a planner in the area with a style you love. Paying for a photo shoot a couple times a year is still way cheaper than investing in designer minimums. Ask around if anyone is interested in colabing on a shoot. We will definitely be following up in future blogs on more style ideas.

Tip #5 - Finish strong with private label!

Lastly, in·cen·tiv·ize!!! Create a special perk for selling a Lux and Love gown in your shop. As the highest profit margin line in your store you want your stylists to be excited about selling the gowns. Offer a $50 perk for every Lux and Love gown sold. Add this into your gown price and it is costing you nothing and giving your stylists a great kick back. Even if you are a one man band pay yourself that extra $50 per gown and start saving for a special vacation you deserve it!

Let's put profit first!

Are you worried your profit numbers aren't making sense to stay in business? Pivot and push your brand. It's a simple equation a 4x markup on a gown that is still below the average bridal gown cost is the answer!



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